You can view our update history here.


2020-09-25 16:04:28

  • New execution order to ensure more encryption with certain execution combinations.
  • Number obfuscation is now more dynamic and the impact on the file size is less divergent.
  • Enhanced reference obfuscation is now harder to decompile, but may be a bit slower at initialization.


2020-09-24 15:59:37

  • Hardens number obfuscation even more, which also makes reference and string encryption more difficult to decrypt, especially when used in a combination.
  • Fixes a NullPointerException during string obfuscation.


2020-09-22 23:05:32

  • Fixes a bug that causes a ClassCastException due to the reference obfuscation of 


2020-09-22 12:31:28

  • Number obfuscation: Obfuscates whole number constants (ints and longs). Unusual constants like -1880695587 are protected more than more occuring ones like 256.
  • The JVM-argument -noverify was removed from the anti-debug check, as some programs depend on it.
  • Other executions now make use of the number obfuscation for even more protection.


2020-08-22 18:29:54

  • Anti-debug: Disables certain debugging methods that could be useful for potential attackers. Should be used in combination with reference obfuscation, as it makes it harder to remove.


2020-08-14 19:57:11

  • Fixed a bug that caused the obfuscator to crash when everything is excluded.
  • Count of excluded / re-included classes is now logged again.
  • Scrambler now scrambles integer / long multiplications and divisions with one constant.


2020-08-10 14:13:44

  • Improved string obfuscation. Faster and safer.
  • General optimizations.


2020-08-10 14:13:10

  • Access generalizer: Removes all access modifiers that could help a possible reverse engineer. Makes it harder to identify which fields are changed and which remain unchanged.


2020-08-06 14:56:31

  • Improved flow obfuscation, while keeping file size.
  • A demo version is now available for all registered users.


2020-08-01 15:10:20

  • Added a feature to shuffle class members.
  • Scrambler now affects fields too.
  • Rewrote the whole class loading, excluding and execution process. This lead to an increasage of obfuscation speed.
  • Several things were optimized for a better performance of the output file.


2020-07-28 19:03:15

  • Fixed some minimal typing mistakes.
  • Increased performance and decreased size of reference obfuscation by a small bit (heavy mode).
  • Crasher now also confuses zip-extraction programs.
  • Better logging messages at exporting.


2020-07-21 11:37:21

  • Fixed a bug that caused both reference obfuscation modes to throw an AssertionError sometimes (but very unlikely)
  • Fixed a bug that caused some field references to get resolved wrongly in the experimental mode. This required to increase the output file size percentage a bit (by 5 - 10 percent), but makes it more stable.


2020-07-20 23:41:22

  • Obfuscation tasks now check for compatibility before obfuscating a class.
  • Fixed a bug in experimental reference obfuscation that caused field references to resolve wrongly.
  • Improved performance of output files a little.